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Medline (English, Spanish)
This website displays an interactive tutorial on clinical trials both self-playing and interactive. Users are invited to subscribe to receive Clinical Trials updates by email.

IFPMA, International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers & Associations  (English, German, Spanish, French and Chinese, but the interactive module is in English only)
This website displays a good interactive module on drugs development in English and an exhaustive list of FAQs in several languages.

Istituto Toscano Tumori (Italian)
The website displays a flux-diagram which explains in a visual way all the different phases of drugs development process.

Health Knowledge (English)
This website provides an e-learning and video course on randomized clinical trials aimed at health workers which could be a useful resource.

CISCRP - Center for Information & Study on Clinical Research Participation (English)
Informational videos are also very interesting, especially Introduction to Clinical Trials, Speak out but speak smart”. This is a very catchy small website which uses animated videos to explain how talks among study participants could influence and even trigger adverse reactions by suggestion.

CFF - Cystis Fibrosis Foundation (English)
The website has several well-made videos about patients’ experiences in clinical trials.

NHS (English)
The video “How do clinical trials work?” is very well-made.

Stanford School in Medicine, Stanford Cancer Institute (English, Spanish)
The website is probably one of the most complete on the topic. It displays very well-made videos of patients sharing their experience about participating in clinical trial at the Stanford Cancer Institute and provides high quality information for patients.

National Institute of Health (English, Spanish)
Particularly rich the section about patients’ testimonials videos.

Medical Research Council, Clinical Trials Unit (English)
The Medical Research Council will be 100 years old this year. In order to celebrate this event, the MRC CTU has produced a series of short films about the importance of clinical trials, how they are developed and carried out.

The Clinical Trials Toolkit is an interactive colour-coded routemap to help navigate through the legal and good practice arrangements surrounding setting up and managing a Clinical Trial of a Medicinal Product (CTIMP). The website includes an overview of trial practices, along with more detailed information available at ‘stations’ along the route.

Trip (English)
Evidence-based search engine online since 1997, Trip aims at quickly answering any clinical questions and allows you to search for several other content types (such as images, videos, patient information leaflets, educational courses and news). Registration is not compulsory but strongly encouraged. A commercial company partially financed by advertising and consultancy, Trip’s independence is stated by the website’s disclaimer: “Pharmaceutical companies do use our services. They do not have any editorial say in Trip and, contrary to what many may think, they use Trip due to its independence and would not want our reputation sullied”.

Sense about science – Ask for evidence (English)

This charitable trust aims to equip people to make sense of scientific and medical claims in public discussion, and to urge everyone to “ask for evidence” in any aspect of their life. Sense about science boasts a database of over 6,000 scientists, from Nobel Prize winners to PhD students, and works in partnership with scientific bodies, policy makers and the media, promoting public campaigns.

Informed consent, a film by Axiom International (English and Serbian)

This film presents the clinical trial process and the informed consent form with clarity and humour and answers the main questions patients might have before enrolling in a clinical trial. Axiom International is a private research organization based in Eastern Europe, providing local expertise in drugs/devices development for Pharmaceutical and Biotech companies.

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