In this section you can find the most influential and authoritative initiatives aimed at fostering knowledge about medical research among patients, citizens and professionals.

All trial campaign (English, the petition has been translated in to several languages)
The “All trials campaign” website explains why we need all clinical trials to be registered and the results published, and invites to sign up the petition.

Testing Treatments - interactive (English, Norwegian, Chinese, Arabic, French, Spanish, German, Turkish)
This interactive website, sponsored by the National Institute for Health and Research, explains fair tests of treatments to lay people, provides lots of resources and allows free download of the e-book “Testing Treatments” (1st and 2nd edition), also available in several languages.

The James Lind Library (English, essays available in many languages)
The James Lind Library website illustrates the developments fair tests of treatments in healthcare using example from antiquity to today.

Cochrane Consumer Network (English)
The Cochrane Collaborations’s website about consumers and systematic reviews (i.e. a review process that, for any healthcare intervention, summarizes the results of available clinical trials and provides high level of its effectiveness). The section Cochrane summaries allows searching the systematic reviews database by health topic, disease or treatment. Consumers are invited to get involved, becoming “referees” and writing plain language summaries.

European Clinical Research Infrastructures Network (ECRIN) (English)
ECRIN is a European network dedicated to improve the research infrastructure for clinical studies in Europe. To this aim, it supports, services, coordinates and manages high-quality, independent and fully transparent multinational clinical research. 

Partecipasalute (Italian)

Since 2006, PartecipaSalute – a non-profit research project designed fostering a strategic alliance among healthcare professionals, patients and their organizations – has developed and supported training programs for citizen and patient associations to increase critical knowledge and awareness about clinical trials.

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