A game? Seriously...

ECRAN makes clinical trials easy and…entertaining! Challenge yourself while playing ECRAN Lab and ECRAN Maze. Show-off how much you know about medical research and have fun learning even more.


Enter a virtual experimental laboratory and play through the clinical trial phases!

The aim of the game is to make a new drug: you will need to find its ideal dose, check its safety and effectiveness, compare it with other existing treatments and look at its side effects.

Enjoy playing the young scientist or even being the drug itself, fighting “bad” cells inside the human body and protecting the “good” ones. You’ll need to remember what you learnt about clinical trials, but for any doubt ask the wise scientist, who will be your tutor while playing!

Use the QR-code to download the game on your device!

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Don’t get lost in the maze! Answer all the questions along the path and do it quickly if you want to score high! Just as researchers need to solve uncertainty – does the treatment work? Is it safe? Is it better than another one?), your task is to get through the labyrinth finding the right solution each time.

Play ECRAN Maze on your tablet, it’s fun!

Android QR-code         Apple QR-code         Win QR-code

             Android                                      Apple                                   Windows

Please note that ECRAN serious games have been developed for tablets which provide the best player experience. Alternatively, a PC can be used, but with other devices (e.g. smartphones) playing may be unsatisfactory


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