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In all areas of life we have decisions to make, decisions about what is the best thing to do. Perhaps it’s a decision about the best job for you, the best school for your children, the best house to buy, or perhaps, even who is the best partner for you. Whenever we ask ourselves such questions, we look for clues, some pointers indicating the right direction.
When it comes to our health and to treating disease the situation is very similar. Several treatments might be available for the same condition - some may be brand new, while some others may have been around for years. One of them may be better for you than others. But which one? We need pointers that can help us decide, and that is the role of the evidence provided by clinical trials. This evidence is critical. Before your doctor makes a suggestion for you, any treatment must be tested for its benefits and unwanted effects first, and most of the time this means being tested in randomised clinical trials.
Explore the other contents of this section to understand how the best available treatments are identified through fair testing in randomised clinical trials.

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