Sail along with James Lind!

Back in 1747, James Lind had never heard about clinical trials!
Lind was a Scottish naval surgeon, and he found himself on a Royal Navy ship full of sailors sick with scurvy.
His ideas helped us to understand how to test which treatment might work best. His work not only saved lives on his ship, but helped to lay the foundation for modern clinical trials – randomised controlled trials – as we know them today.   
Every year since 2005, the European Clinical Research Infrastructures Network (ECRIN) has celebrated the International Clinical Trials’ Day (ICTD) at or around the 20th of May ( to commemorate the day James Lind started his famous trial ( ECRAN and ECRIN urge others to take up the habit of celebrating the ICTD.

Enjoy the short film (5 minutes) and discover how Clinical Trials work today. 

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The film can be watched entirely or divided into 8 segments

And now also available in Norwegian and Luxembourgish!

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